Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guinevere's Blog #5 You-Tube Videos

    In the Sara Haskin video, her whole premise began with how women work, clean house, raise children and all without "a shred of help" from their husbands.  This seems totally unfair, as in the most likely scenario in the household she describes, the husband would be at a job all day long working to help support his family.  Even later in the video, a woman is sitting at home on the couch as the man comes in after getting a new job.   It struck me as only fair that if the man as a bachelor is described as cool- serving beer, having a  hot new car, and dancing all night long- that of course this type of person might not be the most helpful family man. What was she expecting, anyway?   But to say that husbands are just for "barbecues, breeding children, and taking care of the lawn" is an extremely disrespectful statement, and its no wonder that our nation is made up of so many unhappy and broken homes.
     In the BITCH video, the analysis of the "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"  seemed right on in defining this hollywood idea of women being out there in the world existing as "caregivers to be fixing men so they can fix the world".  But men and women alike at times are all searching for some kind of fix, whether it be through relationships, drugs and alcohol, materialism, etc.  Its true that the movies portray the girl who can save the man (or also the man saving the girl), but as for me, while I strive to be an inspiration as a loving person to all those in my life, I choose to recognize that I cannot fix anyone, and I am the only one who can fix myself.

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