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      My original idea for my essay topic led to frustrating research,  too broad for me to assimilate.  So I am choosing a new topic, regarding music therapy practice.   I recently read an article from the 1964, a review of an experimental music making among mental health patients, which has led me to my topic questions.  
    Is group music for patients an established practice in today's music therapy profession?
    If so, what are some of the effects on patients from group music in therapy?

Double Entry Research Log-

SOURCE 1- Oct.1

Pavlicevic, Mercedes.  "Music Therapy Improvisation Groups with Adults: Towards De-Stressing in South
       Africa".  South African Journal of Psychology; June 1999, Vol. 29 Issue 2, p94, 6p. Web. 1 Oct.

Journal Article

-Begins with quote "Improvisation in music therapy is                 -possible quote to use
non-verbal communication"

-Paper is on 4 aspects of group music therapy in an
experiment to alleviate stress in South African adults.

-3 paragraphs defining music therapy and explaining                  -might be good way to start essay
that music effects all people.

-Explains the method of improvising on various instruments        -important to talk about emotional
and tells us that creating spontaneous music addresses the           aspect
emotions of the participants.

-Section on South African context, tells about common              -college audience can easily identify with
violence and societal instability which makes for an extremely      stress
stressful environment.
-Next section describes the activities of sessions                        -while this is very interesting to me, I
                                                                                                think too much detail on particular
                                                                                                  activities takes away from the overall
                                                                                                  topic of my research questions.
                                                                                                  Need to summarize.

-There is a following discussion on group pulse- the                   -not sure if this is relavent
 basic rhythm made by everyone together.

-Conclusion- members felt emotionally positive from this           -Conclusion really affirms the positivity
music-making. It allows for expressing strong feeling of               of group music therapy
the current tragedies of violence in the country, and provides
great relief of tension and anxiety during this time of South
African instability and transformation.

SUMMARY- good article to use as source. The author uses group music to affect change during a current situation, and stress is a common factor my reading audience shares, so I feel like the positive results not only answer my question, but also bring hope for others to use making music as a stress relief.

Longhofer, Jeffrey.  Floersch, Jerry.  "African Drumming and Psychiatric Rehabilitation".  Psychosocial Rehabilitation Journal; April 1993, Vol.16 Issue 4, p3, 8p.  Web. Oct.1. 2011.

-Begins with the doubtful executive director of  a Kansas        -good way to point out the skepticism side,
City mental health center,  "African drumming at the mental       maybe I could learn more about the
health center?  How will that serve our clients in the                  possibilities of  negative aspects
community support program?" 

-This program attempts to turn patients in psychiatric
rehabilitation into an African polyrhythmic drum

-Dagbama music is the specific type of African drumming        -probably not relevant to essay
used in program and the authors tell its history and meaning.

-Method is described- weekly sessions for 6 mo. and
performances at mental health centers.  Program includes
drumming, dancing, and singing.  The participants "become       -quote illustrates success of program
hooked not only on the music but also on the group process"(p3).

-Describes patients with severe mental illness- schizophrenia,
manic depression, multiple-personality disorder

-Conclusion- program obtained a fundamental goal of the
International Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation,
"An effective...program offers group experiences that are
designed to enhance individuals' skills and to foster a sense
of community and healthy participation in normalizing adult
activities" (p 4). The focus was on integration, skill building,
social interaction, and provided patients with a meaningful
group role, increasing their self-esteem.

SUMMARY-This article showed another example of group ensemble music being used today and having a
positive effect.  It differed from the other source in that this program focused on helping non-functioning adults move toward higher functioning.  The initial skepticism of the director might be an angle I should focus more on in order to provide the other side of looking at my questions.  Is doubt and resistance frequently encountered for music therapists trying to break through the healthcare institutions  with this group music programs?  Is there cause for this doubt?


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